Competition is introduced

To thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's cultural ideology, comprehensively implement his important instructions on further strengthening and improving international communication capabilities, deeply grasp the pulse of the times, focus on the tenth anniversary of the proposal of the "Belt and Road Initiative", deepen exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations, and with the approval of the National Radio and Television Administration, the Radio and Television Administration of Shandong Province is hosting the 2023 International Short Video Competition (hereinafter referred to as the "Competition"). Starting today, we invite everyone worldwide to submit outstanding short video works. The relevant matters are announced as follows:

Application Period

From now until February 29, 2024.

Eligibility Criteria

(1) Open Call

Inviting global short video creators to submit relevant short video works.

(2) Targeted Invitation

Inviting production organizations, social organizations, short-form video platforms, MCN organizations, higher education institutions, as well as units and enterprises participating in the construction of the "Belt and Road Initiative," domestic and foreign alliance organizations related to the "Belt and Road Initiative," and other entities to create outstanding short video works through targeted invitations.

Theme of the Competition

A Beautiful New Vision, Prosperity Shared on the Silk Road

 Submission Requirements

1.Entries must ensure positive and healthy content, propagate positive energy, adhere to relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, and comply with the "Regulations on the Review Standards for Short Video Content on the Internet" and other related requirements.

2.Participants are encouraged to share their perspectives, focusing on the competition theme centered around the Belt and Road Initiative. They can present compelling stories, positive transformations in their personal experiences, families, enterprises, or institutions, along with unique insights, contributions to innovation, and creations. Through these narratives, participants can vividly illustrate the significant changes and profound impacts in various fields such as economic cooperation, cultural exchange, and personal development since the inception of the Belt and Road Initiative a decade ago.

3.Entries must be original works created by individuals or teams, with clear copyright for images, music, fonts, and portrait authorizations. The works must be short videos created since 2023. Plagiarized or reuploaded works will not be considered for evaluation.

4.Videos should have complete images, sound, and subtitles, ideally with a duration of no more than 5 minutes and a resolution not lower than 1280×720. Accepted video formats include MP4, MOV, AVI, and other standard formats. The video should have clear and clean visuals without logos, watermarks, or identifiers.

5.Multilingual submissions are encouraged. Chinese Simplified subtitles must be added for dialogues, narrations, and explanations, with the use of Chinese characters standardized and accurate.

Methods of Participation

Participants can release their works on short video platforms, adding the unified hashtag "2023 International Short Video Competition". Alternatively, they can participate in the platform's "2023 International Short Video Competition" special event. After the video is released, relevant participation information must be submitted through the official website or WeChat official account.

(1) Website Registration

Visit the 2023 International Short Video Competition Official Website (Refer to QR Code Attachment 1):

Participants should log in to the website, click "Register," check the participation commitment, and fill in the electronic registration form. Once the confirmation appears, the registration is considered successful.

(2) WeChat Registration

Follow the "2023 International Short Video Competition" official WeChat account (Refer to QR Code Attachment 1). Click "Register," check the participation commitment, and complete the electronic registration form. Once the confirmation appears, the registration is considered successful.


(1) First Prize (3 awards): Each recipient will be granted a prize of ¥10,000, a medal, and a certificate.

(2) Second Prize (6 awards): Winners of this category will receive a ¥8,000 prize, a medal and a certificate.

(3) Third Prize (10 awards): A prize of ¥5,000, a medal, and a certificate will be awarded to each winner in this category.

(4) Outstanding Shortlisted Works (100 awards): Recipients in this category will be presented with a "Certificate of Outstanding Shortlisted Work."

(5) Excellent Organization Award: This category will recognize several outstanding organizations with medals and certificates.

Notes for Participants

  1. When submitting entries, participants must provide accurate personal information and contact details, ensuring completeness. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of eligibility.
  2. Participants must confirm their ownership of complete copyrights for their works. They are responsible for legal liabilities related to rights such as reputation, portrait, and copyrights. The organizer retains the right to use submitted works for public welfare and media. The organizer is not liable for legal disputes, including those related to rights of portrait, reputation, privacy, trademark, copyright, etc., and participants must bear the losses caused by such disputes.
  3. Teams are limited to a maximum of 5 members. Team entries should designate one prominent creative member for registration and should not be submitted repeatedly.
  4. Successful registration implies confirmation and adherence to the provisions of this scheme.
  5. The contest is free of charge, and submissions will not be returned.
  6. The organizer reserves the final interpretation right of the contest.

Contact Information

Contact Information of the Organizing Team of the Competition



Fu Yinghao

Liu Wenxin

Joint initiator:


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